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    Our trucks can tow any sort of car for any reason whether the car got bogged or it has broken down. We also offer car towing service to take your car to a mechanic for repair or if you just need it transported to another location such as if you just bought it and need it transported to your house. We are even able to tow lowered cars. Our car towing company in Melbourne offers fast and reliable towing service. With our 8am – 5:30pm emergency car towing and roadside assistance service, you can call us anytime on 0424 781 464.


    We having towing services available for a wide range of vehicles and equipment: Cars Vans and light trucks Boats Trailers Caravans Forklifts, scissorlifts, and other light machinery Classic, Lowered and Rally cars

    Experience Skills

    We have superior experience in tow truck driving and safe driving strategies. Exceptional communication skills. High ability to maintain strong professional relationships with customers.

    Expert Drivers

    All our operational staff drivers have extensive transport industry experience along with a history of recruitment success. This ensures that we fully understand the intricacies involved in driver and fleet management.

    Low Cost

    If you’re looking for economical yet high-quality towing service anywhere in Melbourne, no other business can top ours. That’s the truth. Nothing makes us happier than providing our customers with the convenience of low rates and exceptional towing service.

    Guarantee Services

    Whatever it is that needs towing, Towcar Melbourne has you covered. We having towing services available for a wide range of vehicles and equipment.

    Trusted Work

    Next time you break down and find yourself stuck on the side of the road, call on the team at Towcar Melboune for roadside assistance in Melbourne. Our experience and contacts in the industry will have your car off the road and back on again with no fuss

    High Quality

    At Towcar Melbourne, we continually strive to innovate to ensure we provide the best towing service possible. That extends to finding new, more environmentally friendly ways of towing cars.


    Our towing company is established in Melbourne providing fast and reliable towing service. No matter if you are in a personal, commercial, or industrial vehicle, we offer towing services and emergency roadside assistance from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Mon – Sat) with your safety guaranteed.

    Towing Cars & Trucks For Over 8 Years

    We are experts in transporting and towing cars, motorcycles, smashed cars, damaged vehicles, light trucks, caravans,anywhere in Melbourne.